Saturday, June 6, 2009


Bare with me while I dork-out on music for a sec…

Tonight I watched VH1 Classic Rock Docs: Iron Maiden Flight 666 documenting the first leg of their 2008 Somewhere back in time tour. I was never a big fan of theirs in high school (although I acted like I was because all of my metalhead peers would’ve ostracized me if they knew). Boy, did I miss the boat. This 2 & ½ hour rock-doc proved to me that they are the most talented metal band ever. I think the most impressive thing was the camaraderie, and positive energy that was infectious even after all these years touring together. There wasn’t one time in the doc where there was exhaustion, drama, or any kind of negative transaction. Another thing that blew my mind is that for the first time in rock history, the entire world tour packed onto one airplane including the band, the management, the entire crew (70 ppl), and all of the equipment! Oh BTW, the plane is owned by Iron Maiden (see pic) and is piloted by the fucking lead singer Bruce Dickinson! There were 91 shows on this tour, and they played for around 2 million people. The work ethic of this band is unprecedented. For example, here is an inexact quote from a commentary lead singer quipped in the doc as they were heading to Latin America:

“We are so excited to play in the Latin American countries. There is an energy that you do not get anywhere else. It’s similar to the shows in Liverpool in that the fans have this certain anxiety and excitement that is born from their upbringing and living conditions. I am concerned that the fans will outshine the band. It’s because of this we have to bring 150% to the stage. We have to validate our existence to the fans.” – Bruce Dickinson

I think that you find that the majority of the rock bands out there, especially these days, that do not bring that kind of energy to the stage. It’s a digital musical world. I miss good rock-n-roll shows on a commercial level. I think you can still find some of that energy in local bands that are still hungry. I saw Kings of Leon recently. I’m a big fan of theirs from way back. I gotta tell ya, I was slightly disappointed with the performance I got live from them. Musically they were good, but no stage presence.

I am definitely a fan of Iron Maiden now.
If you are a fan of theirs, I highly recommend you watch this doc.
Run to the hills!


  1. funny... i am watching their "Somewhere back in time" tour from Costa Rica 2008 on Palladia right now... OUTSTANDING! I was always a huge Iron Maiden fan and its good to see after all of these years they are still showing up punks that are 1/2 their age!

  2. Surely I will watch this documentaries if I have some time by the end of the week. Thanks for spoiling it today. :)