Tuesday, May 26, 2009


So yesterday was Memorial Day, but it was a day I'd rather forget.
I was laying around the house and my friend Michelle invited me to another friend of ours place in Winter Park for a Bday pool party in the afternoon. I didnt eat very much and guzzled beers the whole time sprinkled with a couple vodka drinks as well. Michelle lost a contact in the pool and had drank a bit too much to drive, so I did. Going down Fairbanks in Winter Park and got pulled over. Long story, short: They made me perform a field sobriety test. Holy Shit. Ya know, follow the pen with your eyes...arms out, walk hell-to-toe for 9 steps back and forth. I was absolutely positive that I was going to jail last night. Well, I remained calm and did the tests. There were about 4 or 5 cops on scene. The officer that pulled me over informed me that I passed the test! She told me that she smelled the booze on me but will let me off with a ticket for going 50 in a 35. I will take a $236 ticket any day over a trip to the pokey and DUI charges!
Unfortunately, I celebrated this by getting completely retarded and pissing off my friend, leaving my cell phone behind, and leaving my keys and wallet in my friends car. I gotta get it together, man.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Dragging the anchor....

It aint there. Much as I wanted it to be. Delusional. Im not sure why I stared this long at it. I swore I was looking right at it. Its like one of those weird pictures that people look at for a couple minutes and see the sail boat. I have been staring at the same picture for months and have been telling everyone that I see it, but deep down all I see is nothing. The sail boat IS there, just for someone else other than me to see. So, I will have to move on I suppose..

I probably should stick to watercolors.

But Im sure I will still look back at it in passing and want so bad to see the boat..