Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Breakfast Club..

So I had some shit I wanted to write tonight, until I checked my email. Now I am redirected to just copy & pasting someone elses words. I love my sister very much. She has been dealt some bad cards in her life and has never folded. In the words of Paul Newman, "sometimes nothin' is a real cool hand". She is the mother of the millenium. I wont bore you with her life story, but jumping forward...she is currently a single mom raising 3 beautiful girls (one with special needs). It is beyond my realm of understanding how she does it so gracefully. I hope she doesnt hate me for posting this as I know she reads this stuff.

Her email:

The girls received their 3rd quarter grades today.

Lindsey Lee, 8th grade, ALL A's and B's!!!!! Yeah, she's the shit.

Laney Kay, 3rd grade, ALL A's!!!!!! Girlfriend does not even have to TRY. NEVER, EVER, EVER STUDIES. She hears it, she knows it. Fucking freaky-okay?

But you know what? They HATE school. hate. hate. hate.

I remember hating it.

But not until I was a sophmore in High School.

(I was uber-smart like Laney Kay)

In High School, the teachers could care less, whether you slacked & slept, whether you maybe actually wanted to learn (GOD-forbid you ask for help on a problem).

Unfortunately, God I fucking hate to even type this, but in our country we covet, the country
we love......we could care less the education we are providing.

I am routing my girls in the direction to make a difference.

I listen to them.....what they say about their teachers....I understand....I tell them that
I BELEIVE them......not the grown-ups.....but they have to reach beyond what some
random grown-up wants to invest in them.

I tell them that I wish that ALL teachers truly had the childs best interest in mind.

But we all know------so many people----whether it is teaching....corrections...whatever....it's
just a paycheck for so many people.

So, anyway, I teach these clever little ladies that they have to want it for themselves.

And no matter what is set before you.......

you will dig, and uncover.....

......and find your way to enlightenment and education.

And the world will be a better place in the end,

because they endured.

I just hope that when/if I ever sucker a girl into letting me knock her up, that I will have the same love & resolve that she does.

Who am I kidding..


  1. Oh Charlie, I love you deeper than the deep blue sea...My cup runneth over...forever your biggest fan, your Sis

  2. Post Script: Won't you, come see about me?...I'll be alone....dancing, you know it baby....Tell me, your troubles and doubts, giving me everything, inside and out and......Love's strange, so real in the dark.....Think of the tender things that we were working on....Slow Change, may pull us apart....When the light goes into your heart, baby, DON'T YOU FORGET ABOUT ME :)

  3. My daughter is also one of those super smart kids but for now she ADORES school. I do have to make sure I have regular conversations with her about the teachers and whatnot, but for now, we're okay. Her past teachers as well as her current one seem to want to be there to actually teach, so....so far so good.

    Your sister seems like an amazing person AND mother.

  4. My brother never even emails me. Much less emails me with something that would be entertaining for other to read.

    PS- I have a calendar I am marking big red X's on each day until I get to escape this Rock for a few days to cme and rock with you.... hee hee.